#AGNC and #VMWare work together, let use fount

1. I think they created to use many customers, but I think the was not exactly … they want to go #VMWare so they make, and making hoppy also with #Dell. Of, course completely remove out of #Dell … of course!!

2. I think we should look at #AGNCInvestment #AGNC make things become good for #VMWare … I thought … again #Dell may get out … but still help …

3. #AGNC works quietly changes the numbers or tested they want to over all, I think it will for customers from home … over all, integrates with #VMWare.

4. I think that #AGNC makes the way to make customers to invest on customers … they will grow, and of course positive … but, more, it will be to group work.

5. Some others we can see how it will work … #Accenture and #Fidelity, they are big customers, may be we need to find if it works too.



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Abhijit Dange

Abhijit Dange sufferred a massive Brain Haemorrhage in 2017 which damaged his ability to read, write and comprehend. Please encourage his attempts to recovery.