#Builders #Developers Our bests have to be live!!

Abhijit Dange
2 min readFeb 2, 2020

We must need to make some way to all people!! Please the problems for people … whether, rich or maybe not so group.

The names are not important — these look like people just trying with time. Some are toll, some are very close with others … and last, most to tell … some quite people have to work with not much Money …

  1. Find to change people … what are they are changing?

2. Beasts have to get up … it is weary in time.

3. May the rights must will all people with time.

Please if you have any ideas!! Need your ideas!!

#builders #developers (Dont #brochure)

#too #long #Problems #Solutions



Abhijit Dange

Abhijit Dange sufferred a massive Brain Haemorrhage in 2017 which damaged his ability to read, write and comprehend. Please encourage his attempts to recovery.