Abhijit Dange
2 min readJan 23, 2020


They #Citrix have been to make people to do well. We must such that we are able to make good for all!! Please all the different many think use all!!

#CitrixWorkspace and #Workspace

We use information from some people … your special data needs for all to use to help.

#VirtualApps and #Desktops

Computes is the main protection for all.

#Content and #Collaboration

Workings must need to use your so many people will use.

#Endpoint and #Managert

Managers must use the countries so all are used!! They are people to get correct data from all.

#Managed and #Desktops

Use #Desktop to find different data to help to with other peoples.


This way other information can be sent from one or other peoples. It is passible for people to see.


How money do people do they have?

Thank you. Please tell one if you are OK or NOT?



Abhijit Dange

Abhijit Dange sufferred a massive Brain Haemorrhage in 2017 which damaged his ability to read, write and comprehend. Please encourage his attempts to recovery.