#StartUpRanking Important to know how to make #Money …

These are examples peoples, try to sell things they think work in the country … some, my money …

The money is used for specific customers … they must be, interested in the country.

Some money might to be used, but make some money if some one can prove the amount … might some time, but in sub cases, might be negative too … please remember!!

In the some parts are used … for example, I am from #India … I need ONLY to work on #India … some #US persons must only on #US … not together … (for example) … Basically, money can be paid only each person … ONLY ONE.

In some very times, some persons might change their country … actually I don’t know it will work … ? Not Problem … The man is that country … ALL WAY.

For example, must buy some money, to be able make good countries … some times even all marines may be gone too!! Remember!!

Send any example!!



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Abhijit Dange

Abhijit Dange sufferred a massive Brain Haemorrhage in 2017 which damaged his ability to read, write and comprehend. Please encourage his attempts to recovery.